Let’s Face it.. ALL advertisers want to stand out.

My Radio Works:

A program to help radio reps and their advertisers develop a musical on-air image. A catchy, memorable Jingle Package supports a radio advertiser’s ongoing messaging and makes them stand out from the rest. We write and produce Jingle Packages that deliver consistency, listener awareness, traffic … and new business.

The Process:

We are called upon by radio reps to help develop a new musical image for their clients who want to take the next step in their radio advertising.

First, we analyze their brand, and can either integrate existing positioning or develop a completely new creative angle.

Second, we create a lyric for approval and third, we write and produce a 30-second “theme song” a new, fully-produced original jingle that always ends with a strong “audio logo”

The Goods:

We deliver “Jingle Packages” – a suite of 5-10 cuts, each with the same music and elements but with “donuts” created to overlay voiceover into the various edits. The client’s voiced messaging may change over time, but the on-air “sound” is consistent.

The Result:

Our clients have a catchy new on-air identity to support ongoing messaging; a properly targeted musical image that fits their company and their goals. Their existing and future customers soon develop a familiarity that leads to top-of-mind awareness…and new traffic and sales.